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Our Unique Services Include:

Advanced Preventive Care For Limited Mouth Opening (Custom Radiation Positioning Device) 

Advanced Preventive Instructions For Oral Health Fitness (Includes Fluoride Trays)

Management of Complications From Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Preventive Management of Mouth Sores Related to Cancer Therapy (Mucosal Barrier Injury)

Advanced Prosthetic Appliances (Obturators)

General Restorative Dentistry Services With Advanced Training In Cancer Therapy

Comprenesive Oral Cancer Screenings With Adjunct Detection

Direct Involvement With Your Entire Medical Team To Assure Quality of Care

South Texas Dental Oncology is one of the few general dentistry offices with a cancer care program designed around your future oral health and quality of life.  Contact our office locally or learn more about our worldwide prevention partnership.

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Dental Oncology: Superior Quality of Life Care

Dental Examination

The only Dental Office in South Texas dedicated to individualized cancer care. 

In-Office Dental Oncology Exams & Cleanings
Having Teeth Checked

As technology increases, we now can offer focused care unique to cancer patients worldwide.

 Worldwide Oncology Care