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Cancer is an insidious disease that can affect all of society at some level.  With some types of cancer early detection, treatment, and more effective treatment methods, have increased patient longevity.  There becomes a greater demand for quality of life to increase as longevity increases.  Our highest priority as your dental oncology team is your quality of life after cancer therapy.  Two major factors can affect your quality of life after cancer therapy:

First, a consultation and exam by a dental oncologist or equivalent expert before your cancer treament begins.

Second, be personally instructed and given the most up to date disease prevention methods available to our profession. 

Your Initial Dental Examination and Consultation

  1. Our initial consultation and examination can last about 2 hours- Please bring someone to assist and support you.
  2. The goal of this visit is to prepare you for cancer therapy as well as helping maintain your highest quality of life.
  3. During your consultaiton we will discuss several unique conditions including future dental limitations, product quality differences, mouth sores, dry mouth, jaw issues, decay acceleration, medication and unique prevention techniques. 
  4. The dentist will perform much of the cleaning himself to ensure the most in-depth evaluation possible.
  5. The dentist will also discuss in depth a uniquely developed and desiqned preventive care program to help you avoid very serious conditions resutling from cancer therapy side effects. 
  6. We understand that receiving a diagnosis of cancer is extremely difficult and trying.  Our caring staff will work closely with you to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are answered.

Before your cancer treatment is the most critical time!

However, if you are a survivor and you did not have this care before your treatment, it is equally important to see a dental oncologist who will take the time to educate you about your ongoing preventive care along with tailoring a program to fit your unique challenges.